The energy of action that transforms ideas into projects.

Pardgroup is an international company with Italian DNA, in which multiculturalism and diversity are a source of enrichment and growth. We have an innate ability and speed with respect to generating new ideas and putting them into practice. We are proactive and always on the move: we are curious, and we like to go in search of new challenges.

We don’t fear what’s new and uncertain because we know the market and have the flexibility to adapt to our environment.

We believe in listening and in personalised service: we support our customers globally but always with a local focus, ensuring flexibility and prompt action.

We believe in putting creativity into practice.

In the power of ideas and change.

It takes courage to change.

And we’ve got plenty.

Our clients.

Our partners

Companies, non-profit associations, studios and faculties with whom we collaborate proactively on various projects.

Istituto Marangoni Fashion School

Founded in Milan in 1935 by Giulio Marangoni, a master tailor recognised by the aristocracy throughout Italy for his creations, the Istituto Marangoni is internationally recognised as one of the leading schools for fashion, design and art. Our collaboration with Istituto Marangoni is part of Pardgroup’s commitment to sustainability and, in particular, upcycling.

Non-profit organisations

We work with a worldwide network of associations and non-profit organisations that support us in our upcycling activities – combining creativity, sustainability and social utility to move toward a circular economy.