Trasforming space with materials

24 November 2022

Trasforming space with materials

Pardgroup at the Dubai Design Week 2022

The Dubai Design Week, in strategic partnership with the Dubai Design District (d3), returned this November (8-13.11.2022) for its eight season with an extremely rich programme of installations, exhibitions and experiential mediums demonstrating Dubai’s commitment to design.

Held in the regional hub for design and creativity – d3 – the Dubai Design Week of this year looked at the impact of the ever-changing design landscape, focusing on designing a sustainable future through the theme “Design with impact”. Regional and international names challenged themselves to present their vision, showing how design can have a positive impact on the environment.

For the very first time Pardgroup took part to the event, preparing an Arabic-style installation dedicated to sustainability, which astounded visitors with brilliant colours and tricks of light.

The installation consisted of a conceptual representation of the transformation of material: within the pavilion, visitors immersed themselves in an ever-changing space which transformed even as they walked through it – just like the world of design, which is constantly adapting to new environmental contexts.

The geometric lines of the cylindrical metallic structure coexisted harmoniously with the softness of modules made from semi-transparent fabrics stretched between them. The sun’s rays filtered through these lightweight fabrics, simultaneously creating areas of shadow and changing the surrounding space in a continuous dance of light.

The pavilion’s setting was inspired by Arabic culture: not only did the fabrics and the structure recall a typical desert Souk, but inside was a small majlis, for visitors to gather and socialise.

An installation that exalted togetherness and celebrated transformation, integrating with and honouring the surrounding environment.

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