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The partnership with IlSole24Ore continues           

Pardgroup renews its collaboration with IlSole24Ore. As part of the ‘Luxury & Fashion Management’ Master’s, the Pardgroup Team is going back to class to underline the importance for Luxury Companies of having a professional team and dedicated PMs. Thanks to its structured experience in the Fashion and Luxury sector, the Retail Services department has brought its knowledge into the classroom: from Retail Concept and Store Design, from layout planning to visual merchandising, and not just nationally.

Its key points and strengths include project management skills, customer proximity, manufacturing expertise, the availability of a network of local hubs and installers all across Europe, as well as fitters’ know-how.

Pardgroup will also continue to support the training on the ‘Luxury & Fashion Management’ Master’s at the IlSole24Ore Business School next spring. Stay tuned!

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