Reverse Logistics – How to manage returned goods in Field Marketing

As the benchmark in field marketing in Europe, Pardgroup is used to handling a large quantity and variety of goods: from simple graphics to classic display cases, from shop-in-shops to all the furnishings for a store.

The problem

With a growing number of customers, particularly in the Fashion & Luxury, Apparel and Consumer Electronics sectors, it has become increasingly essential to meet the need for reorganising the returned goods used from window displays or stores and products or accessories from field marketing work and in-store promotion campaigns. The biggest risk in these cases is that the goods leave monitoring systems and are not properly categorised.

Without proper management of stock, transport checks, quality assessment of goods and the relative return time, it would not be possible to ensure the correct reverse logistics process for materials and the relative holding time in stock.

The solution

Taking into account the vast quantity and variety of goods managed by Pardgroup, in order to ensure the return of materials and to handle the higher number of items involved in each individual part, the company had to develop an internal reverse logistics system that guaranteed the traceability of individual items.

Thanks to this process, the Pardgroup Team can take apart entire shops or simple displays and match each item with the data required for the returned goods chain, such as: the dismantling date, the project manager, the work order code, the warehouse arrival date, the number of pallets for the dismantling, the status of materials and the relevant virtual warehouse.


The benefit

In this way, you can get real-time information on the handling of returned goods, their service life and their final destination. The benefit of the reverse logistics system developed by Pardgroup is that it can manage all the goods by centralising them on one single hub and making them available on IT systems for correct and efficient warehouse management. In this way, even larger dismantling jobs do not suffer from warehouse queues or return delays.

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