Reverse Logistics – How to manage returned goods in Field Marketing

As the benchmark in field marketing in Europe, Pardgroup is used to handling a large quantity and variety of goods: from simple graphics to classic display cases, from shop-in-shops to all the furnishings for a store.

The problem

With a growing number of customers, particularly in the Fashion & Luxury, Apparel and Consumer Electronics sectors, it has become increasingly essential to meet the need for reorganising the returned goods used from window displays or stores and products or accessories from field marketing work and in-store promotion campaigns. The biggest risk in these cases is that the goods leave monitoring systems and are not properly categorised.

Without proper management of stock, transport checks, quality assessment of goods and the relative return time, it would not be possible to ensure the correct reverse logistics process for materials and the relative holding time in stock.

The solution

Taking into account the vast quantity and variety of goods managed by Pardgroup, in order to ensure the return of materials and to handle the higher number of items involved in each individual part, the company had to develop an internal reverse logistics system that guaranteed the traceability of individual items.

Thanks to this process, the Pardgroup Team can take apart entire shops or simple displays and match each item with the data required for the returned goods chain, such as: the dismantling date, the project manager, the work order code, the warehouse arrival date, the number of pallets for the dismantling, the status of materials and the relevant virtual warehouse.


The benefit

In this way, you can get real-time information on the handling of returned goods, their service life and their final destination. The benefit of the reverse logistics system developed by Pardgroup is that it can manage all the goods by centralising them on one single hub and making them available on IT systems for correct and efficient warehouse management. In this way, even larger dismantling jobs do not suffer from warehouse queues or return delays.

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Pardgroup Spielwarenmesse 2019

Pardgroup at Spielwarenmesse 2019

Pardgroup will be attending Spielwarenmesse 2019, the toy trade fair scheduled from 30th January to 3rd February in Nuremberg. International players on the market meet up at this event every year and anticipate trends.  The 2019 edition is expecting to see over 2,900 exhibitors (well-known brands, start-ups, store chains, independent traders and industry media outlets) from 68 countries with an estimated 70,000 plus visitors from over 130 countries. It’s a unique international event in a sector where Pardgroup is intending to consolidate business contacts and develop new, crucial ones.

Pardgroup’s attendance at Spielwarenmesse is part of a broader strategy, i.e. its internationalisation process launched in 2018, which has seen the company gain ground in Germany with branches in Berlin and Frankfurt. This work aims to meet the need to be close to clients and to tackle new challenges on an increasingly global and competitive EU market.

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Natale_2018_Clienti Pardgroup

Pardgroup wishes you happy holidays!

Pardgroup, the only player on the market that offers advanced Field Marketing and Brand Retail solutions in Italy and abroad, wishes you happy holidays!
The Pardgroup offices will be closed for the Christmas holidays from 24th to 26th December and from 31st December to 1st January 2019. 

2018 was a year packed with milestones for Pardgroup, with consolidation and expansion in Europe through an internationalisation process. What can we expect in 2019? 

You’ll just have to follow us, there’s sure to be plenty of surprises! Stay with us!

Meet Pardgroup’s Business Intelligence department!

To fully meet Clients’ needs, Pardgroup uses specialist Data Management and Dashboard Analysis professionals who form its Business Intelligence Department (BI).

The Team’s goal is to allow brands to develop strategies based on meaningful, accurate and up-to-date information. To constantly achieve this goal, Pardgroup offers ad hoc designed solutions according to specific needs and for various company areas: marketing, communication and finance.

The services offered are:

Data Warehouse
The storage of data generated by various IT systems (production, sales, accounting, R&D, CRM, etc.) on Big Data databases and platforms.

Data Transformation
The processing of information collected in the database and the control, automation, measurement and analysis of company performances.

Data Visualization
A user-friendly graphic layout for dynamic dashboards, statistics and indicators that are always up-to-date.

What are the advantages of receiving this type of support?

The automation of analysis processes and company reporting and the constant, uniform measurement of information let you carefully assess improvements and critical areas where you need to focus your efforts. Management can therefore speed up decision-making processes and make them more goal-oriented.

To continuously achieve excellent results, the Pardgroup Team monitors personal and company KPIs and uses interactive Performance Dashboards with carefully designed graphics. This allows it to optimise data usability and to make the data multi-device friendly (usable on a PC, tablet and smartphone).

Pardgroup, a successful evolution

“The path we have travelled has made us what we are today”.  Pardgroup is only a starting stage, indeed, a midway stage of a journey started over 30 years ago from the experience of the representation agencies of Luca Negroni on one side and Francesco Santoni on the other.

Their values and objectives were clear and it was only a matter of time before the two companies merged together. Pardgroup Scarl was founded in 2014, a multichannel company of advanced integrated Field Marketing services. Moving from offices in Rome and Bologna, Pardgroup opened its Headquarters in Milan in the space of three years, before becoming an SpA company in 2018, with various offices around Europe (now in Lugano and Madrid) and over 200 employees. With an increasingly structured organisation, the company now has nine divisions: Retail Services, Field Marketing&Business Intelligence, In-Store Promotion, Sales, Events, Logistics and Communication. All supported by Human Resources and IT divisions.

As the company grew so did its Brand Identity“Unconventional” is the key word and its style is unmistakable. The colours are the same as 2014 – yellow alongside black and grey – and its attentive, responsive identity, inspired by cats (hence “PARD”), never fails to amaze Clients. With its straightforward, streamlined style, it’s versatile as confirmed by its user-friendly approach with a focus on Project Management which makes Pardgroup stand out on the market.

pardgroup_company profile

The new Pardgroup Company Profile, Unconventional Field Marketing

Field Marketing is constantly evolving, just like Pardgroup’s unconventional response to offer high-quality services, while always managing to amaze our Customers and the end consumer.

The Pardgroup Team strives to uphold this approach in everything it does, starting from Institutional communication. We are therefore delighted to introduce our new Company Profile. Come and join the Pardgroup world.

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