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The role of Business Intelligence in Fashion

In the world of Fashion, software for analysing and aggregating data is being increasingly used and optimised: this is one of the themes which emerged at the opening of Forum Retail 2018(Milan, 29-30 November).

According to Jarvis Macchi, the Communication Manager of Gilmar S.p.ABusiness Intelligence is helping to make creativity more efficient in Fashion.  Data analysis can support the production, promotion and communication of products, really helping them achieve a positive response on the market. Furthermore, these tools help bring topics to light to share with your partners, both in terms of shops and sales partners, not just for your own lines but also for the position of competitors.

The designer’s creative flair is increasingly guided by data coming from individual countries and directing what customers buy in store.

Even though the world of Fashion is one of the sectors which can gain the most from it, on the other hand, it is still bound by the condition that the creative object and creation comes from ‘above’ and forces its way into the market.  In reality, these two aspects are becoming increasingly intertwined, helping streamline processes and costs.

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The partnership with IlSole24Ore continues           

Pardgroup renews its collaboration with IlSole24Ore. As part of the ‘Luxury & Fashion Management’ Master’s, the Pardgroup Team is going back to class to underline the importance for Luxury Companies of having a professional team and dedicated PMs. Thanks to its structured experience in the Fashion and Luxury sector, the Retail Services department has brought its knowledge into the classroom: from Retail Concept and Store Design, from layout planning to visual merchandising, and not just nationally.

Its key points and strengths include project management skills, customer proximity, manufacturing expertise, the availability of a network of local hubs and installers all across Europe, as well as fitters’ know-how.

Pardgroup will also continue to support the training on the ‘Luxury & Fashion Management’ Master’s at the IlSole24Ore Business School next spring. Stay tuned!

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The 23rd Pambianco – Deutsche Bank Fashion & Luxury Summit

Last Wednesday, the 23rd Pambianco – Deutsche Bank Fashion & Luxury Summit took place, the eagerly anticipated event dedicated to trends in these sectors. Many well-known participating brands discussed this year’s theme ‘DALLA MANIFATTURA ALLO STORE DEL FUTURO – Le grandi sfide della moda italiana’ (FROM MANUFACTURING TO THE STORE OF THE FUTURE – The big challenges of Italian fashion) at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan. Let’s have a quick look at what was revealed.

From the scenario introduced by Flavio Valeri, the Deutsche Bank Chief Country Officer for Italy, we saw growth following two years of stagnation. From the research conducted into 110 Italian companies, with an overall turnover of €42 billion, Italian manufacturing confirmed its position as the world leader. Luxury national brands continue to have an international influence because they always prove to be competitive on a decidedly difficult yet positive market. While the non-luxury sector trend has recorded a growth rate of 4.8% (low, medium and premium ends), the Luxury sector has achieved 6.4% (for the three-year period 2014-17). Italian companies from other categories are therefore less competitive (despite playing on made in Italy, but not on Luxury) in a potentially larger market, but one which actually generates less turnover, as well as being subject to competition from big global players.

A highly important note which emerges from the research is that distribution will be increasingly multi-channel.  There will certainly be further channel adjustments but no major shake-ups are predicted. It also confirmed the continuous growth of e-commerce, the decline in wholesale, the slow growth of direct Retail and, above all, the ongoing emergence of blended formulas.

The current challenge facing Fashion, including its heritage and future, and manufacturing and multi-channel markets, is therefore confirmed as the beating heart of the economy which seems to have regained its glory:  2018 will end with an increase of 8% worldwide.

Want to know more about what was said at the Summit? Keep following us, stay tuned!

Meet Pardgroup’s Business Intelligence department!

To fully meet Clients’ needs, Pardgroup uses specialist Data Management and Dashboard Analysis professionals who form its Business Intelligence Department (BI).

The Team’s goal is to allow brands to develop strategies based on meaningful, accurate and up-to-date information. To constantly achieve this goal, Pardgroup offers ad hoc designed solutions according to specific needs and for various company areas: marketing, communication and finance.

The services offered are:

Data Warehouse
The storage of data generated by various IT systems (production, sales, accounting, R&D, CRM, etc.) on Big Data databases and platforms.

Data Transformation
The processing of information collected in the database and the control, automation, measurement and analysis of company performances.

Data Visualization
A user-friendly graphic layout for dynamic dashboards, statistics and indicators that are always up-to-date.

What are the advantages of receiving this type of support?

The automation of analysis processes and company reporting and the constant, uniform measurement of information let you carefully assess improvements and critical areas where you need to focus your efforts. Management can therefore speed up decision-making processes and make them more goal-oriented.

To continuously achieve excellent results, the Pardgroup Team monitors personal and company KPIs and uses interactive Performance Dashboards with carefully designed graphics. This allows it to optimise data usability and to make the data multi-device friendly (usable on a PC, tablet and smartphone).

Pharma Trade: Pardgroup gets in on the evolution of the pharmacy channel too

The world leader in the distribution of health and well-being products has landed in Italy with three new stores.

Among the suppliers, Pardgroup has supported the new openings with the creation of planograms in the Pharmacy channel to complete what the Company offers for the Trade.

Planograms are an essential business tool: allocating and optimising the position of off-the-shelf products and their categories is vital for the success of in-store sales. You therefore need to trust a reliable partner who has already gained this expertise in other markets.

The work carried out for the major pharmacy chain is part of a pool of Pardgroup services, providing complete consultancy in the Trade, partly thanks to the support of Business Intelligence specialists who can gather data from stores and sales channels, then analyse and aggregate it to make it meaningful for the Client. Based on this data, Pardgroup then makes planograms, implements them in store and develops merchandising activities thanks to the Field Force working all across the region.


Pardgroup is therefore the only partner that can offer integrated consultancy to its Clients, including in the Pharma channel now too.

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Pardgroup Field marketing

Field Marketing: which services should we offer today?

Beyond their relevant sector or channel, all companies are interested in boosting sales of products and services, ensuring the right visibility for the Brand and optimising sales space, a place where Brand, Retail and Shopper meet.

The Pardgroup Field Marketing Services department offers many services to meet the needs of every Customer: from space mapping to store clustering, from stock optimisation to rack jobbing, from visual merchandising to in-store price checking, from drawing up planograms and display criteria to automatic replenishment, fittings and maintenance to both one-to-one and group sales staff training.

Furthermore, thanks to the know-how and constant collaboration between the Project Managers and developers from the Business Intelligence department, this department has developed innovative Data Visualization platforms for all types of customers and target channels that can aggregate and provide sell-in and sell-out information.

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Pardgroup, a successful evolution

“The path we have travelled has made us what we are today”.  Pardgroup is only a starting stage, indeed, a midway stage of a journey started over 30 years ago from the experience of the representation agencies of Luca Negroni on one side and Francesco Santoni on the other.

Their values and objectives were clear and it was only a matter of time before the two companies merged together. Pardgroup Scarl was founded in 2014, a multichannel company of advanced integrated Field Marketing services. Moving from offices in Rome and Bologna, Pardgroup opened its Headquarters in Milan in the space of three years, before becoming an SpA company in 2018, with various offices around Europe (now in Lugano and Madrid) and over 200 employees. With an increasingly structured organisation, the company now has nine divisions: Retail Services, Field Marketing&Business Intelligence, In-Store Promotion, Sales, Events, Logistics and Communication. All supported by Human Resources and IT divisions.

As the company grew so did its Brand Identity“Unconventional” is the key word and its style is unmistakable. The colours are the same as 2014 – yellow alongside black and grey – and its attentive, responsive identity, inspired by cats (hence “PARD”), never fails to amaze Clients. With its straightforward, streamlined style, it’s versatile as confirmed by its user-friendly approach with a focus on Project Management which makes Pardgroup stand out on the market.


The latest arrival at Pardgroup: the Communication Division!

The creation of content in a world that is ever turning to the intangible Digital sector is now essential for any company, particularly if it is aimed at the Consumer market. Consequently, to support its Clients in this process too, Pardgroup has decided to set up a Communication Division. The Pardgroup Team responds to Corporate communication needs in a dedicated, specific and prompt way to increase Awareness, Engagement and Reputation.
Thanks to our established partnerships, Pardgroup develops an ad hoc marketing strategy following the Client’s exact guidelines to find new (and old) customers.
Social Media Management, SEO, DEM, Content Marketing, Design and Graphics, Video, 3D Video and Photography are just a few of the activities handled by the youngest Pardgroup Division, and they are all aimed at achieving one goal: to provide complete support to every Client.

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The first ARetail vending machine is here

Italy’s first vending machine for consumer electronics all by ARetail has been installed at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. Thanks to the development of new technology, vending machines guarantee consumers a complete multichannel experience and can offer products inside the vending machine and the entire online catalogue, letting you finalise the sale through the touch monitor and cashless payment systems on the vending machine. The possibility of remotely monitoring sales and the inventory of the products in the vending machine, together with the option of quickly updating prices, pictures and videos, lets you offer solutions in real time both to consumers, with a range of products and prices that is always up to date, and to suppliers thanks to prompt reporting. The project was made possible by the agreements signed with the biggest telephone and IT producers/distributors who sell products by Apple, Huawei, Samsung, CellularLine, Celly, SBS, SanDisk, Tucano, Fit Bit and Kaspersky. The connectivity was managed with D-LINK’s support. The customisation of the vending machine required several months of tests and work by various engineers, but thanks to the partnership with Nuova Pordenonese Bevande srl, ARetail managed to create an easily adjustable vending machine, which can manage over 60 products and accommodate items of different weights and sizes. Finally, thanks to the close agreement with Pardgroup SpA for handling refills all across Italy, this project with telephone and IT accessories will be scalable in all the biggest cities in Italy and is open to all managers who want to benefit from ARetail’s experience in this specific sector.