Social Media Marketing – UGC and Algorithms

Social Media Marketing – UGC and Algorithms

Today, we’re launching a new section on the Pardgroup Blog so we always know about and can meet market needs. We’ll explore various subjects connected to field marketing, marketing, promotion and customer experience while recommending professional publications for you.

So we’ll start by telling you about the latest book by Alessandro de Luyk, a digital marketer, author, entrepreneur and teacher at MIB in Trieste. This publication (Lupetti Editori, 2018) is a real manual for professionals on the broader sense of Social Media Marketing. The book provides working suggestions that arise from the marketing campaign analysis actually conducted on major brands in the fashion, food & beverage, cosmetics, industry, publishing and high-tech sectors.

Using an innovative approach for works published in Italy on the subject, the author successfully manages to link digital marketing with the latest theories in social science to explain the relationship dynamics of networking and the behaviour of consumers on platforms, underlining the motivation behind their actions. Following this line of thinking and in accordance with the latest studies published by the Harvard Business Review by David C. Edelman and Marc Singer, de Luyk suggests the Purchase Funnel model has been ‘surpassed’ adopting the proposal of his American colleagues focusing on the Customer Decision Journey. Marketing strategies are more effective when digital tools are perfected using the right multichannel approach for the needs of a complex, fast-paced market which increases the number of digital touch points for potential consumers.

Starting from photography and selfies, right up to the production of the UGC, User Generated Content, and consumer content media demanded by companies – in all forms and organised for every type of social network – Alessandro de Luyk offers a detailed insight into aspects such as personal branding, the work of influencers, social media monitoring and social media listening techniques and the characters emerging from social commerce, in a long journey supported by many references in the notes that open up a wide-ranging in-depth approach.

In a market with an increasing focus on ‘listening’ and ‘talking’ with users, it becomes so essential to know how to use social media marketing to form social networks that can pick up on society’s desires and needs through the participatory dynamics of consumers and influencers: knowing what they expect not just from the product/service offered, but above all how the customer experience is both digitally and in store using a multichannel approach.

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