Pardgroup’s Field Marketing Services department is about more than just merchandising!

Pardgroup’s Field Marketing Services department boasts a vast network of experts who are spread throughout Italy. 10 Project Managers coordinate more than 120 people.
Depending on their individual needs, customers can ask for a range of services, including: space mapping, store clustering, stock optimization, rack jobbing, visual merchandising, in-store price checking, drawing up planograms and display criteria, automatic replenishment, fitting, maintenance, and one-to-one or group sales staff training.
Pardgroup can also provide Data Management and Dashboard Analysis services. Thanks to the know-how and constant cooperation between the Project Managers and the developers from the Business intelligence department, in recent years the Field Marketing Services department has produced innovative Data Visualization platforms for all types of customers and target channels. The efforts of the Data Analyst team allow Pardgroup to aggregate data and provide customers with the associated reports, using customized dashboards. Pardgroup thus acts as a genuine Data Company for some brands, with a database of all distributors and vendors containing sell-in, sell-out and KPI information.
All year long, there are no fewer than 160 projects underway every month. In addition, more than 1,000 stores are monitored throughout Italy every month and over 2,300 monthly visits are made, amounting to more than 18,000 working hours.
The following professional figures play a part in the Pardgroup’s Field Marketing Services department:
– Agency Account Manager: the single point of contact for all customer brand development projects in terms of visibility and presence in different markets.
– Project Manager: a figure who manages different projects and/or members of field staff, taking a strategic approach to the market.
Data Analyst: someone who aggregates data and sets up customized dashboards.
Brand Ambassador: a dedicated mono-brand figure who works on special in-store projects as an ambassador for the brand in question.
Visual Merchandiser: an expert who oversees the in-store Brand Image and takes charge of the communication space for the products in question.
Merchandiser: a dedicated or multi-brand figure who is responsible for in-store POP positioning, rack jobbing and mapping.
– Trainer: a figure who is directly responsible for brand development and in-depth knowledge of products.
A crucial part in all of the management and handling of POP materials needed for in-store campaigns is played by close cooperation with Pardgroup’s Logistics Department.
Pardgroup’s Field Marketing Services department works with both vendors and the biggest names in specialist retail. Its top customers include: Microsoft, Fitbit, Bose, SanDisk, Meliconi, Nokia, Motorola, Nespresso, Mediaworld and Unieuro.
Since 2017, the Field Marketing Services department has broadened its horizons and expanded into new markets alongside Consumer Electronics, including Toys, Sportswear and Smart Homes.

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