Pardgroup Field marketing

Field Marketing: which services should we offer today?

Beyond their relevant sector or channel, all companies are interested in boosting sales of products and services, ensuring the right visibility for the Brand and optimising sales space, a place where Brand, Retail and Shopper meet.

The Pardgroup Field Marketing Services department offers many services to meet the needs of every Customer: from space mapping to store clustering, from stock optimisation to rack jobbing, from visual merchandising to in-store price checking, from drawing up planograms and display criteria to automatic replenishment, fittings and maintenance to both one-to-one and group sales staff training.

Furthermore, thanks to the know-how and constant collaboration between the Project Managers and developers from the Business Intelligence department, this department has developed innovative Data Visualization platforms for all types of customers and target channels that can aggregate and provide sell-in and sell-out information.

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