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The word “unconventional” is not just a slogan for us. An adjective to be applied to Field Marketing. Unconvetional is our philosophy, the only way we really want to make a difference in the world of in-store services and Shopfitting.

BrandRetail is changing. We talked about it often. And an unconventional approach is the best answer to give quality to our services, succeeding at the same time to amaze the customer and the final consumer.

We strive to maintain this approach in everything we do, starting with our institutional communication. This is why we are pleased to present our Company Profile. Read it and enter the Pardgroup World too.

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Artificial intelligence and big data analytics

Marketing is one of the areas of business that is keenest to venture into the field of artificial intelligence, partly due to the constant progress in digitization and partly because of the importance of always keeping a step ahead of big Brands, which now have the capacity to gather details about their customers both in stores and online. The crucial factor that can really give you an edge is being capable of analysing this vast amount of information – known as Big Data – and ensuring that Companies can understand and utilize it all.

Research by the Italian Artificial Intelligence Marketing Observatory that was promoted by the IULM University Executive Master in Data Management & Business Analytics (DMBA) programme has revealed that while 75% of Italian companies claim to be aware of the Marketing potential of AI, very few of them use sophisticated solutions for Big Data analytics. There are a number of reasons for this, including: a lack of economic resources, poor knowledge of the tools available, and a shortage of people with qualifications in the field. Meanwhile, the other organizations continue to see Artificial Intelligence as something rather futuristic. They have little or no understanding of its strategic significance for market competitiveness.

Pardgroup’s has an in-house professional team of Data Management and Dashboard Analysis specialists (Business Intelligence) who can cater to the needs of some of the companies that are most interested in analysing the data of their customers, so that they can get to know them better throughout all of the stages in the purchasing process and offer an increasingly optimized response to their requirements. Essentially, the goal is to “make sense of data”. That means providing companies with precise, up-to-date and significant information so that they can make strategic decisions. The Pardgroup BI team can offer its Clients versatile, customized solutions in all areas of business, including marketing, sales and finance.

Maximize the Value of your Campaign with Pardgroup.

Maximize the Value of your Campaign: work with a single Partner for everything from the Concept to the Fitting. Choose Pardgroup.

Pardgroup can offer a comprehensive package to Fashion & Luxury Brand.


Thanks to its in-house Designers and Architects, Pardgroup can propose Concepts and a range of different shop window solutions, while also taking charge of the design process and all of the engineering, prototyping and production procedures. It boasts long-standing partnerships with suppliers and can count on a team of installers to do all of its fitting and decoration work in Italy and across Europe.

Pardgroup is renowned for its exceptional versatility, which means that it can cover everything from large volumes to individual prototypes, and from fitting out an entire store to producing a single display.

Augmented reality and the store of the future

In order to develop an increasingly dynamic approach during the in-store purchasing phase and to render the customer experience unique and exciting, the more innovative Brands are relying on omnichannel Retail strategies, with many of them setting up interactive display windows that feature new technologies like augmented reality (AR).

This technology enriches the shopping experience using on-line functionalities in support of the off-line purchase. Thanks to augmented reality, it is now possible to enhance real-world contexts with virtual contents, by superimposing images and video to the consumer’s field of view. This technology shows considerable potential in sectors like Fashion, Luxury and Retail, where the goal is to bring a degree of interactivity to traditional stores and to make the customer experience as unique as possible.

A good example of an in-store application of AR is the growing trend of virtual fitting rooms, which let the consumer get a 360° look at the chosen garment, imagine it in different colours, and much more. This type of immersive experience allows customers to virtually try on items of clothing and jewellery, or even experiment with different types of make-up, creating an interactive and exciting shopping experience. And what if you want to catch a fashion show… from the first row? Thanks to this technology, one can be catapulted just a few feet from the runway and even take a selfie. Possibilities are endless, and not necessarily limited to in-store applications. Augmented reality can also be very useful in catching the attention of passers-by outside of retail locations, turning them into potential customers by enticing them and prompting them to enter the store.

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