From “simple Retailers” to “Innovator Retailers”: how is the field reacting to Digital Transformation?

Although it is still early days for digitization in Retail, it seems that Retailers are now at the forefront when it comes to Digital Transformation and the adoption of end-to-end systems that are integrated with Cloud software.

We have already discussed the impact of technological progress on the Retail industry on a number of occasions. The Emerging Opportunities to Deploy Industry Processes in the Cloud study carried out by Forrester Consulting for SAP has now provided us with numbers that paint a picture of the results achieved by those who have embraced Digital Transformation.

87% of the 135 companies examined in nine different countries have planned or made significant investments in end-to-end and cloud software.


What results have been seen?

“Innovator retailers” is the name given to retailers who have chosen to use a combination of types of smart technology to achieve their digital transformation goals, investing in the digital consumer supply chain, smarter distribution technologies and consumer centricity.

81% of these companies now have a 55% edge over Competitors that have been “left behind”.

97% of “innovator retailers” also say that the quality of the services that they provide has improved, while 93% believe that they are more competitive and claim that they can attain better results thanks to the integration of Cloud software in their systems.


The most significant forms of technology are unquestionably the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Real-time analysis. More than 92% of companies feel that moving end-to-end processes to the Cloud could enhance the digitization capacity of the entire Retail system.

It seems that the Cloud is deemed to play a crucial part in the digital priorities of Retailers and that they are prepared to invest even more in order to improve all of their processes: from purchasing to sales.


After all, the benefits are plain to see. Now all that’s left to do is work out how to optimize these resources in order to enhance their performance, although we’re sure that the future has some big surprises in store.

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Unconventional Field Marketing, Unconventional Corporation, Unconventional Team: check out the corporate video!

The thing that makes Pardgroup S.p.A. stand out from all of the other players in the market is unquestionably its unconventional approach.
For instance, over the years we have established unconventional relationships with our Clients, our Suppliers and all of the Staff and Partners who work in our offices on a daily basis. We wanted to share with you some pictures of the passion and dedication that all of us at Pardgroup show every day as we strive to provide unbeatable services for everyone who chooses to work with us. Portrayed in the pictures are our offices, our routine and our faces. It goes without saying that we hope you like them!

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Pardgroup_Beko_Grundig showroom web

Case History | New Beko Showroom in Milan

Beko italy renews its Milanese premises with a showroom dedicated to the two brands Beko and Grundig as well as developing new facilities designed and built with the wellbeing of its employees in mind.

Bose sistemi audio altoparlanti diffusori installazioni Pardgroup

BOSE Case history | Pardgroup Retail and IT Services work together for BOSE

Bose is a privately held American corporation whose slogan is Better Sound Through Research. It is a specialist manufacturer of speakers and audio systems that has always been dedicated to research and the pursuit of excellence. Founded in 1964, Bose has always strived to offer better sound by inventing new technologies that truly benefit people, while fostering a culture in which innovation and teamwork come first. With this in mind, at the start of the year Bose embarked on a new challenge across Europe: complementing Bose product sales with a Premium service that is in keeping with the high quality of its audio systems. As its partner for this service, Bose has chosen Pardgroup.

La Divisione Retail Services di Pardgroup

Presentation of the Retail Services division

Pardgroup‘s Retail Services division offers a comprehensive range of services for Retail, starting from the design of display units, showcases, custom fixtures or shop-in-shops to full display windows all the way to entire stores. The creative component of each project can be addressed in-house or, alternatively, if the Concept has already been outlined by the client, it can be executed and enacted to their exact specifications.

The division manages production directly, through its network of trusted suppliers, and handles all aspects of transport, logistics and in-store installation with its team of professional in-house installers, carefully selected based on the skills required for each specific project. Importantly, all project management operations are also handled in-house.

In the case, for example, of major Fashion & Luxury brands, which inevitably rely on many different suppliers, having a single PM overseeing the project management and coordinating the various phases – and players – constitutes a real asset that Pardgroup is consistently able to provide.

Whether it’s contacting the clients’ suppliers around the world, managing the importation of specific materials or starting production or assembly of the single display components, Pardgroup’s team of professionals can handle all logistics aspects and support the in-house Project Managers and Designers. With its specialized know-how, Pardgroup can thus offer a complete package to brands in the Consumer Electronics and the Fashion & Luxury sectors.

Pardgroup guarantees coverage across the entire Italian territory, thanks to its in-house team of locally-based installers. This doesn’t just cut logistics and transportation costs for the client, it also guarantees the provision of a high-quality service.

Pardgroup is responsible for training the field force and is also in direct contact with the installers working on-site: should something unexpected happen during an installation, Pardgroup is always ready to promptly address any issues. This is true at both the national and European level. For several clients, in fact, the Retail Services division manages projects and installations all across Europe, once again through local teams of craftsmen and contractors who work almost exclusively for Pardgroup.

In addition to the installation teams, the company also has 20 secondary hubs in the various European countries, resulting in significant time and money savings as well as the guarantee of a dedicated transportation service. Furthermore, local teams who can speak the language and know the country’s laws represent an advantage not just in economic terms but, more importantly, in terms of quality of the service provided.

Pardgroup is renowned for its exceptional versatility, which means that it can cover everything from large volumes to individual prototypes, and from fitting out an entire store to producing a single display.

In recent years, the company has also specialized in designing and setting up showrooms (usually during the Milan Fashion week), trade show booths and events both in Italy and abroad.

In sum, today Pardgroup is capable of addressing all of its clients’ needs, in keeping with its omnichannel and multichannel vocation.

Il Sole 24 Ore Business School | Brand Management: Pardgroup at the lectern!      

Thanks to its partnership with Il Sole 24 Ore Business School, on 13 and 21 March Pardgroup will teach a Brand Management module as part of the Master in ‘Design Management | Business, Concept & Brand Design’ course. It will take an in-depth look at all matters relating to space-based Identity Communication. All aspects of Retail Concept and Store Design will be examined, from layout design to visual merchandising.


The teaching activities will cover not only the Retail world and the work done in the Fashion & Luxury fields by Pardgroup’s Retail Services Teams, but also presentation methods for project proposals on the communication front. The module also features a Workshop session, during which a genuine project will be developed for a fictional client. The teaching will be done on behalf of the Pardgroup Team by Francesca Rapisardi (Retail Services Director), with support on matters relating to Communication from Antonella Fossati (Communication Manager).


Pardgroup will also contribute to the Master in ‘Luxury & Fashion Management’ course, which is due to start in May.


Maximize the Value of your Campaign with Pardgroup.

Maximize the Value of your Campaign: work with a single Partner for everything from the Concept to the Fitting. Choose Pardgroup.

Pardgroup can offer a comprehensive package to Fashion & Luxury Brand.


Thanks to its in-house Designers and Architects, Pardgroup can propose Concepts and a range of different shop window solutions, while also taking charge of the design process and all of the engineering, prototyping and production procedures. It boasts long-standing partnerships with suppliers and can count on a team of installers to do all of its fitting and decoration work in Italy and across Europe.

Pardgroup is renowned for its exceptional versatility, which means that it can cover everything from large volumes to individual prototypes, and from fitting out an entire store to producing a single display.

Augmented reality and the store of the future

In order to develop an increasingly dynamic approach during the in-store purchasing phase and to render the customer experience unique and exciting, the more innovative Brands are relying on omnichannel Retail strategies, with many of them setting up interactive display windows that feature new technologies like augmented reality (AR).

This technology enriches the shopping experience using on-line functionalities in support of the off-line purchase. Thanks to augmented reality, it is now possible to enhance real-world contexts with virtual contents, by superimposing images and video to the consumer’s field of view. This technology shows considerable potential in sectors like Fashion, Luxury and Retail, where the goal is to bring a degree of interactivity to traditional stores and to make the customer experience as unique as possible.

A good example of an in-store application of AR is the growing trend of virtual fitting rooms, which let the consumer get a 360° look at the chosen garment, imagine it in different colours, and much more. This type of immersive experience allows customers to virtually try on items of clothing and jewellery, or even experiment with different types of make-up, creating an interactive and exciting shopping experience. And what if you want to catch a fashion show… from the first row? Thanks to this technology, one can be catapulted just a few feet from the runway and even take a selfie. Possibilities are endless, and not necessarily limited to in-store applications. Augmented reality can also be very useful in catching the attention of passers-by outside of retail locations, turning them into potential customers by enticing them and prompting them to enter the store.

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A new partnership for Pardgroup: Kubedesign

The new year has brought a new alliance for Pardgroup, which is the only player on the market with the capability to work side by side with its clients on every step from the design to the construction of stores. As part of its dedication to ongoing development and constantly offering innovative, customized new solutions to loyal and potential clients, Pardgroup has started a new partnership with Kubedesign: a cutting-edge designer and manufacturer of eco-sustainable visual communication systems. Kubedesign – which is led by its founder Nazzareno Mengoni – uses unconventional materials to produce tailored solutions for its clients that give fresh twists to locations and spaces.

Thanks to the creative skills of its team of architects and designers, Pardgroup can carry out every stage of projects, starting with the design phase and continuing with production, handling, transport to the store and installation. In addition, Pardgroup takes charge of promotion, launch and corporate event organization and promotion through an array of communication channels. The company does it all itself and never goes through intermediaries. Huge value is added by its multi-channel approach, which is unparalleled on the market.

Both companies share the ability to give concrete form to ideas, projects and dreams. Kubedesign will be able to introduce fresh eco-sustainable visual communication opportunities to all of the businesses with ties to Pardgroup in the fields of Consumer Electronics, Fashion & Luxury, Sportswear, Housewares, Food & Beverages, and Retail.

Meanwhile, with Kubedesign’s capabilities at its disposal, Pardgroup will be able to expand its creative and design selection with environmentally friendly and biodegradable solutions that offer an alternative to standard, traditional systems and are perfectly in keeping with its unconventional outlook.

Would you like a tailored visual communication system that fully caters to your needs in terms of shape, size and design? Thanks to its alliance with Kubedesign, Pardgroup can now offer solutions that are both cutting edge and eco-sustainable.

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How to create a successful omnichannel Retail strategy

During jury discussions at the Premio tecnico della Pubblicità Mediastars (Mediastars Technical Advertising Awards), much of the talk revolved around the various aspects of digital technologies in the retail sector. More and more retailers find that they need to develop a dynamic approach to the consumer, which includes real-time monitoring of changes in buying behaviour as well as of customer responses to in-store initiatives.

Going beyond the well-established Multi-Channel approach, in which the sales and marketing effort is organised across various channels (physical store, e-commerce, TV, radio, Social Media, Events, Email Marketing, Newsletters, etc.), the next challenge in Retail is developing a so-called Omnichannel Retail Strategy, which involves an interconnection between the available channels, so that each one complements the others. In practical terms, this entails integrating traditional off-line retail locations with on-line channels, thus building a competitive marketing strategy that can accompany the customer every step of the way to the final purchase of a product or service, providing a unique customer experience.

So how is a successful omnichannel Retail strategy created?

Let’s start from the basics. Not all Italian companies are ready to take on this type of integration. Entrepreneurs need to possess a forward-looking mindset, and specific skill-sets are required both in managing the digital aspects and in coordinating the teams at work on the various channels.

In order to imagine a unique customer experience, it is essential to integrate e-commerce and web-based services in physical stores and vice versa, through the creation of points of contact between Brand and Customer: the so-called touchpoints (physical, digital, managed or spontaneous). Some examples are: In-store pick-up, on-line previewing of stock available in-store, demand management systems, inventory and distribution planning, ERP and product tracking systems, customer care and dedicated Apps, RFId/QR and augmented reality for in-store access to digital contents.

An adequate on-line presence must then be developed in support of the above. As web giants like eBay, Amazon or Alibaba get more and more popular, consumershave come to expect a user experience of increasingly high quality.

On the one hand, therefore, it’s becoming crucial to invest in web sites with strong usability and cloud technologies that ensure a unique customer experience on any device. On the other hand, it is imperative to be connected 24/7 with social media users. It is necessary to consistently offer quality content that has the ability to excite, inform and in some cases educate its followers, in order to reach – and maintain – a valuable engagement, prompting interaction and conversation according to well-defined brand identities and business goals.

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