Unconventional Field Marketing, Unconventional Corporation, Unconventional Team: check out the corporate video!

The thing that makes Pardgroup S.p.A. stand out from all of the other players in the market is unquestionably its unconventional approach.
For instance, over the years we have established unconventional relationships with our Clients, our Suppliers and all of the Staff and Partners who work in our offices on a daily basis. We wanted to share with you some pictures of the passion and dedication that all of us at Pardgroup show every day as we strive to provide unbeatable services for everyone who chooses to work with us. Portrayed in the pictures are our offices, our routine and our faces. It goes without saying that we hope you like them!

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Mystery shopping: when to use it?

The quality of the service or product proposed and the attention paid to the consumer’s needs are discriminating factors in an increasingly competitive market for companies interested in retaining their customers.

This is what triggers the importance of using a mystery shopping activity for a company. On the one hand, it allows the Brand to weigh the performance of the personnel involved, and on the other, you can understand how much the actions of your company are in line with real desires and needs of the Customers.

The mystery shopping activity proposed by the In-Store Promotion Department of Pardgroup will let your Company understand the perceived value of your Brand and of the products offered or services supplied through a qualitative analysis of the shopping experience.

A shaped and prepared mystery shopping activity allows you to assess the customer experience of your loyal and potential Customers through the monitoring of the employees’ behaviour, the perception of product quality, the positioning of the products in the shop and the in-store visual merchandising activity, in addition to the overall satisfaction of the Customer.

Assessment of the customer experience in fact aims at understanding the reasons for buying or renouncing. Mystery shopping can also support field-marketing strategies thanks to the interpretation of your Brand from the customer’s perspective. This will let you gain an advantage on the next product launches and positioning on the market.

So when do you use it?

  • To measure the competitive strength of your company, how your Brand is perceived.
  • To assess any weaknesses, recognise them and deal with them.
  • To know the customer, assess their needs, desires and opinions.
  • To assess how the in-store staff (your first customers!) approach consumers.


Innovating your methods and updating the quality of the products and services supplied may not be easy. And so, the mystery shopping activity can give you a real competitive edge on the market.

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DJI launch event by Attiva-Pardgroup for the new Mavic Air drone

The launch event for the new DJI Mavic Air took place in Aldo Coppola Spaces and Prime Time Loft in the Italian city of Milan on 26 January 2018.

Geolocating personnel working on in-store promotion campaigns

Managing stores throughout Europe and the promoters working inside them is a complex process. It has always been one of the biggest and most common concerns during in-store promotion campaigns.

To provide a helping hand, the Pardgroup Business Intelligence department has developed a web App that allows all of the personnel working on promotion campaigns to be geolocated.

Thanks to the geolocation App, both clients and Pardgroup’s Project Managers can monitor the presence of promoters in real time. It is a ground-breaking development for agencies that provide Promoters & Events services. It offers huge, crucial benefits because it provides proof of the work done for client Brands.

The App is extremely simple to use. It works on all Android smartphones, so it can be installed in advance on all of the devices given to promoters. Once the promoters have given their authorization for the use of the App and carried out the initial registration and log-in process, the app will run automatically in the background. After that, the promoters will no longer have to do anything except turn their phones on.

Once the App is activated, it automatically geolocates personnel and stores the data. In the event of stays that last for longer than the established average, the system sends alerts so that the situation can be assessed and any problems can be handled.

Constant data provision enables live certification of locations, which is essential for real-time coordination of a very large number of people and prompt management of any issues, both during the week and at the weekend.

It goes without saying that personnel are only tracked during their working hours. The system turns itself on a few minutes before the start of a shift and turns itself off at the end.

he geolocation App developed and honed by Pardgroup provides crucial support for in-store promotion activities and our Promoters & Events department is proud to offer it as a complementary part of its service range.

It is a great example of the synergy between Pardgroup’s Business Intelligence and Promoters & Events departments.

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