Green Retail Forum and Ecomondo: focus on innovation and sustainability in Retail

The 21st edition of Ecomondo (Rimini 7-10 November 2017), the leading Green and Circular economy expo in the Euro-Mediterranean area, came to the same conclusions as the 7th edition of the Green Retail Forum & Expo held in Milan in late October.
The Green Retail Forum, established to enable distribution professionals to share experiences and know-how and based on an idea created by PLEF (Planet Life Economy Foundation) and ndb-il marketing consapevole, highlighted the theme of sustainable innovation, with a focus on packaging, logistics, payment systems, and in-store systems.

According to a study by Astarea, the companies involved in large-scale distribution are moving from a concept of social responsibility to a more systemic approach, which integrates sustainability in a logic that is no longer just environmental but a logic of business along the entire supply chain, taking into consideration aspects ranging from available resources to the influence of stakeholders, and so on.

In the perspective of sustainable development, in fact, businesses are increasingly required to consider both the target of their offer and all the possible influencers that contribute to giving value to the product and highlight how sustainability is now integrated not only in the production cycle but also at the level of distribution and how it has a strong impact on the customer experience.

At the Forum, the Managing Director of the large-scale distribution purchasing group Végé, Giorgio Santambrogio, underscored the important advantage of being able to propose a personalised offer to customers thanks to technology that recognises them in the vicinity of the point of sales and remembers their customer experience in relation to past purchases, increasingly characterising the offer as ad personam. All this to the benefit of useless waste deriving from purchases not totally in line with that precise target. And that’s not all. Differently from the past years, when sustainability came to light and became a real trend, today’s consumers are increasingly attentive and aware and their demands are based on precise ethical choices. Hence they trust less and less what companies declare and demand transparency of both the producing company and the point of sale where they shop.

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