Augmented reality and the store of the future

In order to develop an increasingly dynamic approach during the in-store purchasing phase and to render the customer experience unique and exciting, the more innovative Brands are relying on omnichannel Retail strategies, with many of them setting up interactive display windows that feature new technologies like augmented reality (AR).

This technology enriches the shopping experience using on-line functionalities in support of the off-line purchase. Thanks to augmented reality, it is now possible to enhance real-world contexts with virtual contents, by superimposing images and video to the consumer’s field of view. This technology shows considerable potential in sectors like Fashion, Luxury and Retail, where the goal is to bring a degree of interactivity to traditional stores and to make the customer experience as unique as possible.

A good example of an in-store application of AR is the growing trend of virtual fitting rooms, which let the consumer get a 360° look at the chosen garment, imagine it in different colours, and much more. This type of immersive experience allows customers to virtually try on items of clothing and jewellery, or even experiment with different types of make-up, creating an interactive and exciting shopping experience. And what if you want to catch a fashion show… from the first row? Thanks to this technology, one can be catapulted just a few feet from the runway and even take a selfie. Possibilities are endless, and not necessarily limited to in-store applications. Augmented reality can also be very useful in catching the attention of passers-by outside of retail locations, turning them into potential customers by enticing them and prompting them to enter the store.

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