Pardgroup Spielwarenmesse 2019

Pardgroup at Spielwarenmesse 2019

Pardgroup will be attending Spielwarenmesse 2019, the toy trade fair scheduled from 30th January to 3rd February in Nuremberg. International players on the market meet up at this event every year and anticipate trends.  The 2019 edition is expecting to see over 2,900 exhibitors (well-known brands, start-ups, store chains, independent traders and industry media outlets) from 68 countries with an estimated 70,000 plus visitors from over 130 countries. It’s a unique international event in a sector where Pardgroup is intending to consolidate business contacts and develop new, crucial ones.

Pardgroup’s attendance at Spielwarenmesse is part of a broader strategy, i.e. its internationalisation process launched in 2018, which has seen the company gain ground in Germany with branches in Berlin and Frankfurt. This work aims to meet the need to be close to clients and to tackle new challenges on an increasingly global and competitive EU market.

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Social Media Marketing – UGC and Algorithms

Social Media Marketing – UGC and Algorithms

Today, we’re launching a new section on the Pardgroup Blog so we always know about and can meet market needs. We’ll explore various subjects connected to field marketing, marketing, promotion and customer experience while recommending professional publications for you.

So we’ll start by telling you about the latest book by Alessandro de Luyk, a digital marketer, author, entrepreneur and teacher at MIB in Trieste. This publication (Lupetti Editori, 2018) is a real manual for professionals on the broader sense of Social Media Marketing. The book provides working suggestions that arise from the marketing campaign analysis actually conducted on major brands in the fashion, food & beverage, cosmetics, industry, publishing and high-tech sectors.

Using an innovative approach for works published in Italy on the subject, the author successfully manages to link digital marketing with the latest theories in social science to explain the relationship dynamics of networking and the behaviour of consumers on platforms, underlining the motivation behind their actions. Following this line of thinking and in accordance with the latest studies published by the Harvard Business Review by David C. Edelman and Marc Singer, de Luyk suggests the Purchase Funnel model has been ‘surpassed’ adopting the proposal of his American colleagues focusing on the Customer Decision Journey. Marketing strategies are more effective when digital tools are perfected using the right multichannel approach for the needs of a complex, fast-paced market which increases the number of digital touch points for potential consumers.

Starting from photography and selfies, right up to the production of the UGC, User Generated Content, and consumer content media demanded by companies – in all forms and organised for every type of social network – Alessandro de Luyk offers a detailed insight into aspects such as personal branding, the work of influencers, social media monitoring and social media listening techniques and the characters emerging from social commerce, in a long journey supported by many references in the notes that open up a wide-ranging in-depth approach.

In a market with an increasing focus on ‘listening’ and ‘talking’ with users, it becomes so essential to know how to use social media marketing to form social networks that can pick up on society’s desires and needs through the participatory dynamics of consumers and influencers: knowing what they expect not just from the product/service offered, but above all how the customer experience is both digitally and in store using a multichannel approach.

Pardgroup  business intelligence customer experience Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence in customer experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest huge innovation that is increasingly influencing the big brands. Thanks to the easy access and reading of advanced calculation algorithms and the capability of storing huge volumes of data – at low cost – AI now allows brands to segment their public based on habits and tastes and send reminders on offers and new products to customers who are increasingly readily accepting these applications, also owing to the sales announcements on the use of voice-activated personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Nonetheless, there is still a lot of work to do on the levels of both consumer acceptance (especially regarding the protection of their privacy) and technology, which is continuously evolving. Would you like to find out more?

We have selected for you the latest article published on the subject in Marketing Week entitled ‘What are the real customer benefits of AI?’, click here to read it

Natale_2018_Clienti Pardgroup

Pardgroup wishes you happy holidays!

Pardgroup, the only player on the market that offers advanced Field Marketing and Brand Retail solutions in Italy and abroad, wishes you happy holidays!
The Pardgroup offices will be closed for the Christmas holidays from 24th to 26th December and from 31st December to 1st January 2019. 

2018 was a year packed with milestones for Pardgroup, with consolidation and expansion in Europe through an internationalisation process. What can we expect in 2019? 

You’ll just have to follow us, there’s sure to be plenty of surprises! Stay with us!

lastamperiamilano pardgroup opening


La Stamperia Milano was created from the desire of Pardgroup S.p.A. to set up an exhibition space for get-togethers and meetings that is open to the new products, needs and creativity of clients, partners and others.

Having always focused on the needs of the market, Pardgroup is continuing its neighbourhood policy by opening a new multi-purpose venue of over 900 square metres, specifically designed to be a large ‘container’ aimed at creating space for the creative strength of companies and for small and large national and international initiatives.

The location offers unique stylistic features and is made up of 4 different separate areas (two main halls, Arial and Bodoni, and two meeting rooms), each with distinctive aspects and different sizes so it can be adapted to various types of events in the fashion, design, furniture, automotive and lifestyle sectors, etc.

The large, flexible areas are perfect for small and large events, such as exhibitions, conventions, fashion shows, meetings, workshops, expos, press days, press conferences, team building activities, training sessions and gala dinners.

The venue was opened on 12th December. Against a backdrop of playful lighting effects and a minimal set-up – with an industrial yet elegant style – the Pardgroup S.p.A. Management Board – Luca Negroni | CEO, Francesco Santoni | Managing Director and Corrado Berrini | General Director – welcomed over 300 guests including the Pardgroup Team from across the EU, as well as clients and partners from major brands in the consumer electronics, fashion & luxury, sportswear, homeware, food & beverage and retailer sectors.

There had to be an ‘unconventional’ moment with the presentation of SoundsOfThings, the first social network exclusively based on sound created by the start-up of the same name.

The entire evening was accompanied by live music – the wonderful voice of Miza Mayi accompanied by the keyboardist Eros Kristyani – with support from the presenter Steve Vogogna and his sketch ‘Pensavo Peggio’, ending with a party bursting into life with an outstanding DJ set by Mario Fargetta.

Want to find out more about the new La Stamperia Milano events space? Contact the Pardgroup Team of the Events Department


Mediastars, the Advertising Technical Award 2018: Pardgroup on the Panel of Judges

The 2018 edition of Mediastars is under way, the independent award which, for 23 years, has been highlighting the professionalism of people who have made a contribution with their own skills to successful advertising communication. Every year, the entrants for the Advertising Technical Award include major illustrious advertising agencies, audiovisual post-production and production companies and web factoring companies.

The goal for 2018 is to find and recognise outstanding creativity in promotional communication. This award, dedicated as always to customer experience, fits in perfectly with the mission of Pardgroup |Unconventional Field Marketing, i.e. to represent clients’ on-the-field image as best as possible. For the second year running, Pardgroup will therefore bring its experience in the field as a partner that can fully support businesses all over Europe: Trade marketing and sell-in and sell-out management, merchandising and retail services, in-store promotion, events, shopfitting, project management and much more besides. Furthermore, thanks to its creative department and production centres, Pardgroup can handle planning, design, production, logistics, installation of P.O.P. material, graphics, displays, window displays and shop-in-shop right through to entire stores. This work takes place in a wide range of sectors: from consumer electronics to major fashion and luxury brands, covering the supermarket, specialist store and retail channels. Antonella Fossati, the Pardgroup Communication Manager for the press area and corporate sector, was sent to represent the company on the panel of judges at the Mediastars 2018 award.


Every year, Mediastars organises a qualified panel of judges, appointing professionals for each area of specialisation who can offer valuable opinions on the work entered in the competition and the talent of the workers. This year, the judging areas will be:

  • Television and film
  • Audiovisual technique
  • Press
  • On-line advertising and Apps
  • Social media    
  • Radio
  • Packaging
  • Corporate identity
  • Promotions
  • Internet

Want to know who is taking part in Mediastars 2018? Click here

Forum retail Pardgroup web

The role of Business Intelligence in Fashion

In the world of Fashion, software for analysing and aggregating data is being increasingly used and optimised: this is one of the themes which emerged at the opening of Forum Retail 2018(Milan, 29-30 November).

According to Jarvis Macchi, the Communication Manager of Gilmar S.p.ABusiness Intelligence is helping to make creativity more efficient in Fashion.  Data analysis can support the production, promotion and communication of products, really helping them achieve a positive response on the market. Furthermore, these tools help bring topics to light to share with your partners, both in terms of shops and sales partners, not just for your own lines but also for the position of competitors.

The designer’s creative flair is increasingly guided by data coming from individual countries and directing what customers buy in store.

Even though the world of Fashion is one of the sectors which can gain the most from it, on the other hand, it is still bound by the condition that the creative object and creation comes from ‘above’ and forces its way into the market.  In reality, these two aspects are becoming increasingly intertwined, helping streamline processes and costs.

Want to know more about Business intelligence processes? Read the news ‘Meet Pardgroup’s Business Intelligence department!’

Pardgroup Ilsole24ore business school master luxury fashion web

The partnership with IlSole24Ore continues           

Pardgroup renews its collaboration with IlSole24Ore. As part of the ‘Luxury & Fashion Management’ Master’s, the Pardgroup Team is going back to class to underline the importance for Luxury Companies of having a professional team and dedicated PMs. Thanks to its structured experience in the Fashion and Luxury sector, the Retail Services department has brought its knowledge into the classroom: from Retail Concept and Store Design, from layout planning to visual merchandising, and not just nationally.

Its key points and strengths include project management skills, customer proximity, manufacturing expertise, the availability of a network of local hubs and installers all across Europe, as well as fitters’ know-how.

Pardgroup will also continue to support the training on the ‘Luxury & Fashion Management’ Master’s at the IlSole24Ore Business School next spring. Stay tuned!

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Pambianco pardgroup fashion luxury summit web

The 23rd Pambianco – Deutsche Bank Fashion & Luxury Summit

Last Wednesday, the 23rd Pambianco – Deutsche Bank Fashion & Luxury Summit took place, the eagerly anticipated event dedicated to trends in these sectors. Many well-known participating brands discussed this year’s theme ‘DALLA MANIFATTURA ALLO STORE DEL FUTURO – Le grandi sfide della moda italiana’ (FROM MANUFACTURING TO THE STORE OF THE FUTURE – The big challenges of Italian fashion) at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan. Let’s have a quick look at what was revealed.

From the scenario introduced by Flavio Valeri, the Deutsche Bank Chief Country Officer for Italy, we saw growth following two years of stagnation. From the research conducted into 110 Italian companies, with an overall turnover of €42 billion, Italian manufacturing confirmed its position as the world leader. Luxury national brands continue to have an international influence because they always prove to be competitive on a decidedly difficult yet positive market. While the non-luxury sector trend has recorded a growth rate of 4.8% (low, medium and premium ends), the Luxury sector has achieved 6.4% (for the three-year period 2014-17). Italian companies from other categories are therefore less competitive (despite playing on made in Italy, but not on Luxury) in a potentially larger market, but one which actually generates less turnover, as well as being subject to competition from big global players.

A highly important note which emerges from the research is that distribution will be increasingly multi-channel.  There will certainly be further channel adjustments but no major shake-ups are predicted. It also confirmed the continuous growth of e-commerce, the decline in wholesale, the slow growth of direct Retail and, above all, the ongoing emergence of blended formulas.

The current challenge facing Fashion, including its heritage and future, and manufacturing and multi-channel markets, is therefore confirmed as the beating heart of the economy which seems to have regained its glory:  2018 will end with an increase of 8% worldwide.

Want to know more about what was said at the Summit? Keep following us, stay tuned!

Meet Pardgroup’s Business Intelligence department!

To fully meet Clients’ needs, Pardgroup uses specialist Data Management and Dashboard Analysis professionals who form its Business Intelligence Department (BI).

The Team’s goal is to allow brands to develop strategies based on meaningful, accurate and up-to-date information. To constantly achieve this goal, Pardgroup offers ad hoc designed solutions according to specific needs and for various company areas: marketing, communication and finance.

The services offered are:

Data Warehouse
The storage of data generated by various IT systems (production, sales, accounting, R&D, CRM, etc.) on Big Data databases and platforms.

Data Transformation
The processing of information collected in the database and the control, automation, measurement and analysis of company performances.

Data Visualization
A user-friendly graphic layout for dynamic dashboards, statistics and indicators that are always up-to-date.

What are the advantages of receiving this type of support?

The automation of analysis processes and company reporting and the constant, uniform measurement of information let you carefully assess improvements and critical areas where you need to focus your efforts. Management can therefore speed up decision-making processes and make them more goal-oriented.

To continuously achieve excellent results, the Pardgroup Team monitors personal and company KPIs and uses interactive Performance Dashboards with carefully designed graphics. This allows it to optimise data usability and to make the data multi-device friendly (usable on a PC, tablet and smartphone).