From “simple Retailers” to “Innovator Retailers”: how is the field reacting to Digital Transformation?

Although it is still early days for digitization in Retail, it seems that Retailers are now at the forefront when it comes to Digital Transformation and the adoption of end-to-end systems that are integrated with Cloud software.

We have already discussed the impact of technological progress on the Retail industry on a number of occasions. The Emerging Opportunities to Deploy Industry Processes in the Cloud study carried out by Forrester Consulting for SAP has now provided us with numbers that paint a picture of the results achieved by those who have embraced Digital Transformation.

87% of the 135 companies examined in nine different countries have planned or made significant investments in end-to-end and cloud software.


What results have been seen?

“Innovator retailers” is the name given to retailers who have chosen to use a combination of types of smart technology to achieve their digital transformation goals, investing in the digital consumer supply chain, smarter distribution technologies and consumer centricity.

81% of these companies now have a 55% edge over Competitors that have been “left behind”.

97% of “innovator retailers” also say that the quality of the services that they provide has improved, while 93% believe that they are more competitive and claim that they can attain better results thanks to the integration of Cloud software in their systems.


The most significant forms of technology are unquestionably the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Real-time analysis. More than 92% of companies feel that moving end-to-end processes to the Cloud could enhance the digitization capacity of the entire Retail system.

It seems that the Cloud is deemed to play a crucial part in the digital priorities of Retailers and that they are prepared to invest even more in order to improve all of their processes: from purchasing to sales.


After all, the benefits are plain to see. Now all that’s left to do is work out how to optimize these resources in order to enhance their performance, although we’re sure that the future has some big surprises in store.

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Unconventional Field Marketing, Unconventional Corporation, Unconventional Team: check out the corporate video!

The thing that makes Pardgroup S.p.A. stand out from all of the other players in the market is unquestionably its unconventional approach.
For instance, over the years we have established unconventional relationships with our Clients, our Suppliers and all of the Staff and Partners who work in our offices on a daily basis. We wanted to share with you some pictures of the passion and dedication that all of us at Pardgroup show every day as we strive to provide unbeatable services for everyone who chooses to work with us. Portrayed in the pictures are our offices, our routine and our faces. It goes without saying that we hope you like them!

Watch the full video and all of the clips on our YouTube channel!

Reverse Logistics – How to manage returned goods in Field Marketing

As the benchmark in field marketing in Europe, Pardgroup is used to handling a large quantity and variety of goods: from simple graphics to classic display cases, from shop-in-shops to all the furnishings for a store.

The problem

With a growing number of customers, particularly in the Fashion & Luxury, Apparel and Consumer Electronics sectors, it has become increasingly essential to meet the need for reorganising the returned goods used from window displays or stores and products or accessories from field marketing work and in-store promotion campaigns. The biggest risk in these cases is that the goods leave monitoring systems and are not properly categorised.

Without proper management of stock, transport checks, quality assessment of goods and the relative return time, it would not be possible to ensure the correct reverse logistics process for materials and the relative holding time in stock.

The solution

Taking into account the vast quantity and variety of goods managed by Pardgroup, in order to ensure the return of materials and to handle the higher number of items involved in each individual part, the company had to develop an internal reverse logistics system that guaranteed the traceability of individual items.

Thanks to this process, the Pardgroup Team can take apart entire shops or simple displays and match each item with the data required for the returned goods chain, such as: the dismantling date, the project manager, the work order code, the warehouse arrival date, the number of pallets for the dismantling, the status of materials and the relevant virtual warehouse.


The benefit

In this way, you can get real-time information on the handling of returned goods, their service life and their final destination. The benefit of the reverse logistics system developed by Pardgroup is that it can manage all the goods by centralising them on one single hub and making them available on IT systems for correct and efficient warehouse management. In this way, even larger dismantling jobs do not suffer from warehouse queues or return delays.

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#tenyearschallenge consumers change, brands change and retail changes

The arrival of 2019 has brought a new trending topic or hashtag: #tenyearschallenge.
Social media users have taken up the challenge to show their friends, contacts or followers how much has changed for them over the past ten years. However, time seems not to have just passed for people, just think of the crazes for sharing and selfies: ten years ago, the iPhone at the time was the 3GS, which had no front camera and used a 3G Internet connection with much different reaction times from the current 4G (even 5G in some cases). Online shopping was definitely not commonplace, if anything it was an experience or an adventure which most people were deeply sceptical of.
Thanks to advances in technology, everything has now changed in 2019. We can share anything using 4G, while any time is great to say “first, let me take a selfie!” and going shopping in store now seems a “vintage” habit.
Shopping has changed shape. We’re no longer happy returning home after a shopping spree loaded with bags: we want to share photos of stores, check prices and buy directly online.
While up until recently all this would have seemed like it could spell the end of Retail, advances in technology have instead proven to be a very important ally for any major brands that have been able to seize this opportunity. Thanks to the technological evolution, Brands have been able to understand consumers’ needs, habits and interests, reversing and therefore changing future prospects. It seems that technology and Retail need each other to be able to meet consumers’ needs. For example, let’s take two shopping giants: Zara and Amazon. The first, the quintessential fast fashion Retailer, opened its first temporary concept store in London a year ago now. Here, you can touch and look at the clothes, but you cannot buy them (unless via your smartphone) or try them on. The second, Amazon – the undisputed leader in online shopping – has opened its first brick-and-mortar stores. These experiential supermarkets combine the advantages of online shopping (speed and convenience) with those of in-store shopping (product choice and checks).

Things have changed in ten years and an alliance has been formed between the tangible and virtual worlds.
Consumers have learned to buy items of clothing, electronic devices and much more online, but they still love to choose the best apples in the crate at the supermarket.
However, considering where we started from ten years ago, there is every reason to think that this “limit” could also be surpassed and we cannot wait to see what changes the 2029 #tenyearschallenge will show us.
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Pardgroup Spielwarenmesse 2019

Pardgroup at Spielwarenmesse 2019

Pardgroup will be attending Spielwarenmesse 2019, the toy trade fair scheduled from 30th January to 3rd February in Nuremberg. International players on the market meet up at this event every year and anticipate trends.  The 2019 edition is expecting to see over 2,900 exhibitors (well-known brands, start-ups, store chains, independent traders and industry media outlets) from 68 countries with an estimated 70,000 plus visitors from over 130 countries. It’s a unique international event in a sector where Pardgroup is intending to consolidate business contacts and develop new, crucial ones.

Pardgroup’s attendance at Spielwarenmesse is part of a broader strategy, i.e. its internationalisation process launched in 2018, which has seen the company gain ground in Germany with branches in Berlin and Frankfurt. This work aims to meet the need to be close to clients and to tackle new challenges on an increasingly global and competitive EU market.

Use our Contact Form to contact us for more information or to book an appointment during the event.



Social Media Marketing – UGC and Algorithms

Social Media Marketing – UGC and Algorithms

Today, we’re launching a new section on the Pardgroup Blog so we always know about and can meet market needs. We’ll explore various subjects connected to field marketing, marketing, promotion and customer experience while recommending professional publications for you.

So we’ll start by telling you about the latest book by Alessandro de Luyk, a digital marketer, author, entrepreneur and teacher at MIB in Trieste. This publication (Lupetti Editori, 2018) is a real manual for professionals on the broader sense of Social Media Marketing. The book provides working suggestions that arise from the marketing campaign analysis actually conducted on major brands in the fashion, food & beverage, cosmetics, industry, publishing and high-tech sectors.

Using an innovative approach for works published in Italy on the subject, the author successfully manages to link digital marketing with the latest theories in social science to explain the relationship dynamics of networking and the behaviour of consumers on platforms, underlining the motivation behind their actions. Following this line of thinking and in accordance with the latest studies published by the Harvard Business Review by David C. Edelman and Marc Singer, de Luyk suggests the Purchase Funnel model has been ‘surpassed’ adopting the proposal of his American colleagues focusing on the Customer Decision Journey. Marketing strategies are more effective when digital tools are perfected using the right multichannel approach for the needs of a complex, fast-paced market which increases the number of digital touch points for potential consumers.

Starting from photography and selfies, right up to the production of the UGC, User Generated Content, and consumer content media demanded by companies – in all forms and organised for every type of social network – Alessandro de Luyk offers a detailed insight into aspects such as personal branding, the work of influencers, social media monitoring and social media listening techniques and the characters emerging from social commerce, in a long journey supported by many references in the notes that open up a wide-ranging in-depth approach.

In a market with an increasing focus on ‘listening’ and ‘talking’ with users, it becomes so essential to know how to use social media marketing to form social networks that can pick up on society’s desires and needs through the participatory dynamics of consumers and influencers: knowing what they expect not just from the product/service offered, but above all how the customer experience is both digitally and in store using a multichannel approach.

Pardgroup  business intelligence customer experience Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence in customer experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest huge innovation that is increasingly influencing the big brands. Thanks to the easy access and reading of advanced calculation algorithms and the capability of storing huge volumes of data – at low cost – AI now allows brands to segment their public based on habits and tastes and send reminders on offers and new products to customers who are increasingly readily accepting these applications, also owing to the sales announcements on the use of voice-activated personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Nonetheless, there is still a lot of work to do on the levels of both consumer acceptance (especially regarding the protection of their privacy) and technology, which is continuously evolving. Would you like to find out more?

We have selected for you the latest article published on the subject in Marketing Week entitled ‘What are the real customer benefits of AI?’, click here to read it

Natale_2018_Clienti Pardgroup

Pardgroup wishes you happy holidays!

Pardgroup, the only player on the market that offers advanced Field Marketing and Brand Retail solutions in Italy and abroad, wishes you happy holidays!
The Pardgroup offices will be closed for the Christmas holidays from 24th to 26th December and from 31st December to 1st January 2019. 

2018 was a year packed with milestones for Pardgroup, with consolidation and expansion in Europe through an internationalisation process. What can we expect in 2019? 

You’ll just have to follow us, there’s sure to be plenty of surprises! Stay with us!

lastamperiamilano pardgroup opening


La Stamperia Milano was created from the desire of Pardgroup S.p.A. to set up an exhibition space for get-togethers and meetings that is open to the new products, needs and creativity of clients, partners and others.

Having always focused on the needs of the market, Pardgroup is continuing its neighbourhood policy by opening a new multi-purpose venue of over 900 square metres, specifically designed to be a large ‘container’ aimed at creating space for the creative strength of companies and for small and large national and international initiatives.

The location offers unique stylistic features and is made up of 4 different separate areas (two main halls, Arial and Bodoni, and two meeting rooms), each with distinctive aspects and different sizes so it can be adapted to various types of events in the fashion, design, furniture, automotive and lifestyle sectors, etc.

The large, flexible areas are perfect for small and large events, such as exhibitions, conventions, fashion shows, meetings, workshops, expos, press days, press conferences, team building activities, training sessions and gala dinners.

The venue was opened on 12th December. Against a backdrop of playful lighting effects and a minimal set-up – with an industrial yet elegant style – the Pardgroup S.p.A. Management Board – Luca Negroni | CEO, Francesco Santoni | Managing Director and Corrado Berrini | General Director – welcomed over 300 guests including the Pardgroup Team from across the EU, as well as clients and partners from major brands in the consumer electronics, fashion & luxury, sportswear, homeware, food & beverage and retailer sectors.

There had to be an ‘unconventional’ moment with the presentation of SoundsOfThings, the first social network exclusively based on sound created by the start-up of the same name.

The entire evening was accompanied by live music – the wonderful voice of Miza Mayi accompanied by the keyboardist Eros Kristyani – with support from the presenter Steve Vogogna and his sketch ‘Pensavo Peggio’, ending with a party bursting into life with an outstanding DJ set by Mario Fargetta.

Want to find out more about the new La Stamperia Milano events space? Contact the Pardgroup Team of the Events Department


Mediastars, the Advertising Technical Award 2018: Pardgroup on the Panel of Judges

The 2018 edition of Mediastars is under way, the independent award which, for 23 years, has been highlighting the professionalism of people who have made a contribution with their own skills to successful advertising communication. Every year, the entrants for the Advertising Technical Award include major illustrious advertising agencies, audiovisual post-production and production companies and web factoring companies.

The goal for 2018 is to find and recognise outstanding creativity in promotional communication. This award, dedicated as always to customer experience, fits in perfectly with the mission of Pardgroup |Unconventional Field Marketing, i.e. to represent clients’ on-the-field image as best as possible. For the second year running, Pardgroup will therefore bring its experience in the field as a partner that can fully support businesses all over Europe: Trade marketing and sell-in and sell-out management, merchandising and retail services, in-store promotion, events, shopfitting, project management and much more besides. Furthermore, thanks to its creative department and production centres, Pardgroup can handle planning, design, production, logistics, installation of P.O.P. material, graphics, displays, window displays and shop-in-shop right through to entire stores. This work takes place in a wide range of sectors: from consumer electronics to major fashion and luxury brands, covering the supermarket, specialist store and retail channels. Antonella Fossati, the Pardgroup Communication Manager for the press area and corporate sector, was sent to represent the company on the panel of judges at the Mediastars 2018 award.


Every year, Mediastars organises a qualified panel of judges, appointing professionals for each area of specialisation who can offer valuable opinions on the work entered in the competition and the talent of the workers. This year, the judging areas will be:

  • Television and film
  • Audiovisual technique
  • Press
  • On-line advertising and Apps
  • Social media    
  • Radio
  • Packaging
  • Corporate identity
  • Promotions
  • Internet

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