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Bose is a privately held American corporation whose slogan is Better Sound Through Research. It is a specialist manufacturer of speakers and audio systems that has always been dedicated to research and the pursuit of excellence. Founded in 1964, Bose has always strived to offer better sound by inventing new technologies that truly benefit people, while fostering a culture in which innovation and teamwork come first. With this in mind, at the start of the year Bose embarked on a new challenge across Europe: complementing Bose product sales with a Premium service that is in keeping with the high quality of its audio systems. As its partner for this service, Bose has chosen Pardgroup. The Retail and Business Intelligence teams have thus organized all of the support activities for Bose stores all over Europe. Since 15 September, every Bose store has been offering a Premium service with all of the audio systems that it sells. It includes installation of the product in the customer’s home by specialist, certified Bose technicians and an explanation of the functions, covering all of the different facets and possibilities, as well as a final customer satisfaction check.

It is the first time that a service of this kind has been offered to private customers. Once the purchasing process in Bose stores is complete, the entire installation service is provided by an external agency. Pardgroup was fully responsible for supervising the technicians trained by Bose in all of the main European countries: Italy, France, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Poland.

Thanks to a software platform conceived, designed and produced by Pardgroup’s team of IT specialists, Bose is now able to offer its customers the Premium service and comprehensively monitor all those who sign up for it, as well as the stores and products involved. Using tablets in the stores, Bose staff can create customer records, upload their receipts and select the level of Premium service required, in accordance with the type of product purchased. They can do this while complying with all of the relevant privacy and safety policies and they are also able to instantly check the diaries of installers across the EU in order to make an appointment for the customer. Subsequently, the specialist Bose installers will contact the customer to confirm the date, time and place of installation for the audio system in question.

Pardgroup independently runs the project all over Europe. In each country, a specialist local contractor that has been trained directly by Bose supervises the installers while reporting to Pardgroup.

Once the installation process is complete, customers are invited to take a survey by email or telephone by the manager of the Bose store where they bought their products, in order to assess the quality of the chosen Premium service. Their feedback plays an essential part in evaluating the service and ensuring that it remains at a Premium level, which is something that is deemed indispensable by the customers of a brand like Bose.

Bose is thus consolidating the top-of-the-range image of its audio systems while providing an additional benefit for customers in the shape of a high-quality installation and support service. Furthermore, thanks to the platform the company is able to monitor its overall turnover and the revenues of individual stores all over Europe.

The partnership between Bose and Pardgroup is a shining example of successful synergy. Pardgroup now has its own network of professionals, enabling it to cater at any time to endless installation needs across Europe. This model could be used for all kinds of products that require high-quality installation services or specific know-how in order to work properly. More generally speaking, it is ideal for all top-of-the-range items that require high service standards and widespread installation capabilities in all of the main European countries (Italy, France, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Poland).

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