Unconventional Field Marketing, Unconventional Corporation, Unconventional Team: check out the corporate video!

The thing that makes Pardgroup S.p.A. stand out from all of the other players in the market is unquestionably its unconventional approach.
For instance, over the years we have established unconventional relationships with our Clients, our Suppliers and all of the Staff and Partners who work in our offices on a daily basis. We wanted to share with you some pictures of the passion and dedication that all of us at Pardgroup show every day as we strive to provide unbeatable services for everyone who chooses to work with us. Portrayed in the pictures are our offices, our routine and our faces. It goes without saying that we hope you like them!

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lastamperiamilano pardgroup opening


La Stamperia Milano was created from the desire of Pardgroup S.p.A. to set up an exhibition space for get-togethers and meetings that is open to the new products, needs and creativity of clients, partners and others.

Having always focused on the needs of the market, Pardgroup is continuing its neighbourhood policy by opening a new multi-purpose venue of over 900 square metres, specifically designed to be a large ‘container’ aimed at creating space for the creative strength of companies and for small and large national and international initiatives.

The location offers unique stylistic features and is made up of 4 different separate areas (two main halls, Arial and Bodoni, and two meeting rooms), each with distinctive aspects and different sizes so it can be adapted to various types of events in the fashion, design, furniture, automotive and lifestyle sectors, etc.

The large, flexible areas are perfect for small and large events, such as exhibitions, conventions, fashion shows, meetings, workshops, expos, press days, press conferences, team building activities, training sessions and gala dinners.

The venue was opened on 12th December. Against a backdrop of playful lighting effects and a minimal set-up – with an industrial yet elegant style – the Pardgroup S.p.A. Management Board – Luca Negroni | CEO, Francesco Santoni | Managing Director and Corrado Berrini | General Director – welcomed over 300 guests including the Pardgroup Team from across the EU, as well as clients and partners from major brands in the consumer electronics, fashion & luxury, sportswear, homeware, food & beverage and retailer sectors.

There had to be an ‘unconventional’ moment with the presentation of SoundsOfThings, the first social network exclusively based on sound created by the start-up of the same name.

The entire evening was accompanied by live music – the wonderful voice of Miza Mayi accompanied by the keyboardist Eros Kristyani – with support from the presenter Steve Vogogna and his sketch ‘Pensavo Peggio’, ending with a party bursting into life with an outstanding DJ set by Mario Fargetta.

Want to find out more about the new La Stamperia Milano events space? Contact the Pardgroup Team of the Events Department


Mediastars, the Advertising Technical Award 2018: Pardgroup on the Panel of Judges

The 2018 edition of Mediastars is under way, the independent award which, for 23 years, has been highlighting the professionalism of people who have made a contribution with their own skills to successful advertising communication. Every year, the entrants for the Advertising Technical Award include major illustrious advertising agencies, audiovisual post-production and production companies and web factoring companies.

The goal for 2018 is to find and recognise outstanding creativity in promotional communication. This award, dedicated as always to customer experience, fits in perfectly with the mission of Pardgroup |Unconventional Field Marketing, i.e. to represent clients’ on-the-field image as best as possible. For the second year running, Pardgroup will therefore bring its experience in the field as a partner that can fully support businesses all over Europe: Trade marketing and sell-in and sell-out management, merchandising and retail services, in-store promotion, events, shopfitting, project management and much more besides. Furthermore, thanks to its creative department and production centres, Pardgroup can handle planning, design, production, logistics, installation of P.O.P. material, graphics, displays, window displays and shop-in-shop right through to entire stores. This work takes place in a wide range of sectors: from consumer electronics to major fashion and luxury brands, covering the supermarket, specialist store and retail channels. Antonella Fossati, the Pardgroup Communication Manager for the press area and corporate sector, was sent to represent the company on the panel of judges at the Mediastars 2018 award.


Every year, Mediastars organises a qualified panel of judges, appointing professionals for each area of specialisation who can offer valuable opinions on the work entered in the competition and the talent of the workers. This year, the judging areas will be:

  • Television and film
  • Audiovisual technique
  • Press
  • On-line advertising and Apps
  • Social media    
  • Radio
  • Packaging
  • Corporate identity
  • Promotions
  • Internet

Want to know who is taking part in Mediastars 2018? Click here

Do you want to organise an Event? Then trust the Pardgroup Events Team

Would you like to organise a Company event? A Convention, Team Building activities, product launches or simply a dinner with your Clients?

The Pardgroup Events Division is a swift and flexible professional network with well-established operational skills, which can manage every phase of the creative and executive process first-hand.

The services provided include:

  • Concept creation and Creative direction
    • Budgeting
    • Direction and general coordination
    • Organisational secretarial work
    • Location and catering selection
    • Supplier management
    • Outfitting and production
    • Audio/Video/Lighting services
    • Artist scouting
    • Video and photographic production
    • Online and offline communication
    • Media Office
    • Reporting.

Click here to discover all the types of B2B Events and B2C Events that we can organise.

Contact the Pardgroup Events Business Unit and we will provide a turnkey project!

In-store product promotion

When consumers look for information about products and Brands, they want to be involved in shopping experiences that go beyond simple items or services.

How can Brands create successful in-store campaigns?

During in-store promotion initiatives, it is crucial for Brands to make direct contact with consumers, engaging them with informative and entertaining activities. Consequently, traditional product promotion efforts are often complemented with schemes to communicate directly with people, which make them feel closer to Brands while also boosting awareness and consequently sell-out levels.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to set precise objectives and have a widespread presence throughout the area in question, as well as proficient, professional staff with training and qualifications in the fields of promotion and sales techniques.

This helps to ensure that campaigns create interest among consumers and achieve their sales targets, regardless of whether the focus is on a niche or mass market, a small town or an entire country.

Pardgroup’s In-Store Promotion department has an in-house team that organizes campaigns both in store and out. They are available seven days a week.

In addition to promotions inside and outside stores, the professional members of Pardgroup’s team specialize in activities such as Mystery shopping, Leafleting and Incentive competitions.

All figures such as Promoters, Hostesses, Stewards and models are selected for their specific skills, placed under contract and trained for each promotion campaign. The activities are supported by POP and permanent materials, merchandise, free gifts and dedicated logistics.

Furthermore, Pardgroup’s In-Store Promotion department has a proprietary daily sales data collection and analysis platform, so that it can update its Clients every day. In addition, the weekly results can be compared with the sell-out graphs provided by the distribution chains. Pardgroup also has a proprietary geolocation app that can be used to track in-store staff and guarantee that they work at the times and on the days agreed with the Client, in full compliance with the Law.