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Social Media Marketing – UGC and Algorithms

Today, we’re launching a new section on the Pardgroup Blog so we always know about and can meet market needs. We’ll explore various subjects connected to field marketing, marketing, promotion and customer experience while recommending professional publications for you.

So we’ll start by telling you about the latest book by Alessandro de Luyk, a digital marketer, author, entrepreneur and teacher at MIB in Trieste. This publication (Lupetti Editori, 2018) is a real manual for professionals on the broader sense of Social Media Marketing. The book provides working suggestions that arise from the marketing campaign analysis actually conducted on major brands in the fashion, food & beverage, cosmetics, industry, publishing and high-tech sectors.

Using an innovative approach for works published in Italy on the subject, the author successfully manages to link digital marketing with the latest theories in social science to explain the relationship dynamics of networking and the behaviour of consumers on platforms, underlining the motivation behind their actions. Following this line of thinking and in accordance with the latest studies published by the Harvard Business Review by David C. Edelman and Marc Singer, de Luyk suggests the Purchase Funnel model has been ‘surpassed’ adopting the proposal of his American colleagues focusing on the Customer Decision Journey. Marketing strategies are more effective when digital tools are perfected using the right multichannel approach for the needs of a complex, fast-paced market which increases the number of digital touch points for potential consumers.

Starting from photography and selfies, right up to the production of the UGC, User Generated Content, and consumer content media demanded by companies – in all forms and organised for every type of social network – Alessandro de Luyk offers a detailed insight into aspects such as personal branding, the work of influencers, social media monitoring and social media listening techniques and the characters emerging from social commerce, in a long journey supported by many references in the notes that open up a wide-ranging in-depth approach.

In a market with an increasing focus on ‘listening’ and ‘talking’ with users, it becomes so essential to know how to use social media marketing to form social networks that can pick up on society’s desires and needs through the participatory dynamics of consumers and influencers: knowing what they expect not just from the product/service offered, but above all how the customer experience is both digitally and in store using a multichannel approach.

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Artificial intelligence in customer experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest huge innovation that is increasingly influencing the big brands. Thanks to the easy access and reading of advanced calculation algorithms and the capability of storing huge volumes of data – at low cost – AI now allows brands to segment their public based on habits and tastes and send reminders on offers and new products to customers who are increasingly readily accepting these applications, also owing to the sales announcements on the use of voice-activated personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Nonetheless, there is still a lot of work to do on the levels of both consumer acceptance (especially regarding the protection of their privacy) and technology, which is continuously evolving. Would you like to find out more?

We have selected for you the latest article published on the subject in Marketing Week entitled ‘What are the real customer benefits of AI?’, click here to read it

Natale_2018_Clienti Pardgroup

Pardgroup wishes you happy holidays!

Pardgroup, the only player on the market that offers advanced Field Marketing and Brand Retail solutions in Italy and abroad, wishes you happy holidays!
The Pardgroup offices will be closed for the Christmas holidays from 24th to 26th December and from 31st December to 1st January 2019. 

2018 was a year packed with milestones for Pardgroup, with consolidation and expansion in Europe through an internationalisation process. What can we expect in 2019? 

You’ll just have to follow us, there’s sure to be plenty of surprises! Stay with us!

Pardgroup IFA Berlin 2018

Pardgroup at IFA 2018 

Once again this year, IFA, the most important European trade show dedicated to consumer electronics is upon us. From 31 August to 5 September, more than 1,500 exhibitors from 48 countries will present all the best of their products and services connected to the world of electronics. For six days, Berlin will host the major advances in the field, and expectations are high, especially in this edition focussing on the sector of smart home appliances and smart speakers.

IFA 2018 will be divided into different areas within Berlin ExpoCenter City.

IFA NEXT: keynotes, conferences, start-ups
IFA Home & Entertainment Electronics: home entertainment, home networks, smart home.
IFA Audio Entertainment: Hi-Fi, loudspeakers, and high performance audio.
IFA Home Appliances: household appliances.
IFA My Media: photography, video, music, games, and virtual reality.
IFA Public Media: TV, radio, and professional media.
IFA Communication: telecommunications, cable, mobile, and Internet.
Outside, a structure adjacent to the Gleisdreieck stop of the U2 line of the Berlin underground will host the IFA Global Markets, specifically dedicated to suppliers, component manufacturers, OEM and ODM.

Pardgroup Team will be present for the entire duration of the event to offer support to all our exhibiting clients.


Would like to find out what’s new directly from IFA Berlin? Click here

See the map of IFA 2018, click here or download the map


Mystery shopping: when to use it?

The quality of the service or product proposed and the attention paid to the consumer’s needs are discriminating factors in an increasingly competitive market for companies interested in retaining their customers.

This is what triggers the importance of using a mystery shopping activity for a company. On the one hand, it allows the Brand to weigh the performance of the personnel involved, and on the other, you can understand how much the actions of your company are in line with real desires and needs of the Customers.

The mystery shopping activity proposed by the In-Store Promotion Department of Pardgroup will let your Company understand the perceived value of your Brand and of the products offered or services supplied through a qualitative analysis of the shopping experience.

A shaped and prepared mystery shopping activity allows you to assess the customer experience of your loyal and potential Customers through the monitoring of the employees’ behaviour, the perception of product quality, the positioning of the products in the shop and the in-store visual merchandising activity, in addition to the overall satisfaction of the Customer.

Assessment of the customer experience in fact aims at understanding the reasons for buying or renouncing. Mystery shopping can also support field-marketing strategies thanks to the interpretation of your Brand from the customer’s perspective. This will let you gain an advantage on the next product launches and positioning on the market.

So when do you use it?

  • To measure the competitive strength of your company, how your Brand is perceived.
  • To assess any weaknesses, recognise them and deal with them.
  • To know the customer, assess their needs, desires and opinions.
  • To assess how the in-store staff (your first customers!) approach consumers.


Innovating your methods and updating the quality of the products and services supplied may not be easy. And so, the mystery shopping activity can give you a real competitive edge on the market.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) to support the customer experience

Virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are redefining the thinking behind entire sectors with different impacts on various aspects. In particular, the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way in which companies and consumers interact. Let’s take a better look at how. First of all, the term IoT was coined by a researcher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kevin Ashton, in 1999 for a new RFID approach in the supply chain. The evolution of related technologies has since continued, both on the consumer side and on the side of analysis platforms based on AI.

According to the recent survey on the Internet of Things (2018) by Business Insider Intelligence, published in late July, there will be over 55 billion IoT devices by 2025, compared with ‘just’ 9 billion in 2017.

In fact, the term Internet of Things covers technologies and applications that provide an Internet connection for products and devices capable of exchanging data almost independently of human control.

The IoT therefore links the Internet to objects (devices) from everyday life. To be able to work and to be truly useful, the IoT needs to collect and file a huge amount of data (Big Data) in real time and in any field. For example, just think how useful it is to track footfall in shopping centres, for brand marketing, regarding the possibility of receiving information on a product purchased by a consumer, and to receive advice on how the consumer is actually using a product or to steer the development of new offers in line with the customer experience or to acquire data for market analysis aimed at developing new products or services based on the user’s identified needs.

Would you like to know how the IoT can help you in the sale / distribution of your product / service? Contact Pardgroup’s Business Intelligence

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August, Pardgroup is always by your side!

The Pardgroup Team will be by your side all summer long, including in August! The Sales, In-Store Promotion, Field Marketing and Retail Services departments – backed by the Business Intelligence, Communication and Logistics teams – support our Clients all year round, even in August when others take a break.

It is yet another way in which Pardgroup shows that it is a reliable and proficient partner at all times and in all fields and channels. Have a great summer!


Artificial intelligence and big data analytics

Marketing is one of the areas of business that is keenest to venture into the field of artificial intelligence, partly due to the constant progress in digitization and partly because of the importance of always keeping a step ahead of big Brands, which now have the capacity to gather details about their customers both in stores and online. The crucial factor that can really give you an edge is being capable of analysing this vast amount of information – known as Big Data – and ensuring that Companies can understand and utilize it all.

Research by the Italian Artificial Intelligence Marketing Observatory that was promoted by the IULM University Executive Master in Data Management & Business Analytics (DMBA) programme has revealed that while 75% of Italian companies claim to be aware of the Marketing potential of AI, very few of them use sophisticated solutions for Big Data analytics. There are a number of reasons for this, including: a lack of economic resources, poor knowledge of the tools available, and a shortage of people with qualifications in the field. Meanwhile, the other organizations continue to see Artificial Intelligence as something rather futuristic. They have little or no understanding of its strategic significance for market competitiveness.

Pardgroup’s has an in-house professional team of Data Management and Dashboard Analysis specialists (Business Intelligence) who can cater to the needs of some of the companies that are most interested in analysing the data of their customers, so that they can get to know them better throughout all of the stages in the purchasing process and offer an increasingly optimized response to their requirements. Essentially, the goal is to “make sense of data”. That means providing companies with precise, up-to-date and significant information so that they can make strategic decisions. The Pardgroup BI team can offer its Clients versatile, customized solutions in all areas of business, including marketing, sales and finance.

In-store product promotion

When consumers look for information about products and Brands, they want to be involved in shopping experiences that go beyond simple items or services.

How can Brands create successful in-store campaigns?

During in-store promotion initiatives, it is crucial for Brands to make direct contact with consumers, engaging them with informative and entertaining activities. Consequently, traditional product promotion efforts are often complemented with schemes to communicate directly with people, which make them feel closer to Brands while also boosting awareness and consequently sell-out levels.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to set precise objectives and have a widespread presence throughout the area in question, as well as proficient, professional staff with training and qualifications in the fields of promotion and sales techniques.

This helps to ensure that campaigns create interest among consumers and achieve their sales targets, regardless of whether the focus is on a niche or mass market, a small town or an entire country.

Pardgroup’s In-Store Promotion department has an in-house team that organizes campaigns both in store and out. They are available seven days a week.

In addition to promotions inside and outside stores, the professional members of Pardgroup’s team specialize in activities such as Mystery shopping, Leafleting and Incentive competitions.

All figures such as Promoters, Hostesses, Stewards and models are selected for their specific skills, placed under contract and trained for each promotion campaign. The activities are supported by POP and permanent materials, merchandise, free gifts and dedicated logistics.

Furthermore, Pardgroup’s In-Store Promotion department has a proprietary daily sales data collection and analysis platform, so that it can update its Clients every day. In addition, the weekly results can be compared with the sell-out graphs provided by the distribution chains. Pardgroup also has a proprietary geolocation app that can be used to track in-store staff and guarantee that they work at the times and on the days agreed with the Client, in full compliance with the Law.


The Pardgroup Sales Department: more than just selling-in!

The Pardgroup Sales Business Unit manages all sell-in activities for large-scale retail organizations, large-scale specialist retailers, DIY stores and E-Tailers. Thanks to 20 years of experience in Sales, the Pardgroup Team has the capacity to establish direct, close relationships with Distributors and adopt strategies to promote the acquisition of products by retailers.

The trust placed in the members of the professional Sales team stems from years working in partnership with clients. One of the main services provided is managing sell-in activities for large-scale retail organizations, large-scale specialist retailers, DIY stores and E-Tailers through both a sales force dedicated to Customer Service and a multi-brand team. Furthermore, the Department guarantees exceptional service, meeting all sales targets and constantly monitoring purchases throughout the country. Thanks to its proprietary Project Management Software especially for sales, the Pardgroup Team is able to plan and monitor visits, take orders, plan automatic, static and dynamic replenishment, draw up planograms and carry out sales analyses.

Numerous benefits are offered to the Sales Coordinator, the Project Managers and the many Key Account Managers and members of back office staff who oversee all of the distribution channels, interacting from privileged positions with a wide range of Brands. They include the following:

  • Widespread coverage throughout the country, with a team of sell-out support merchandisers.
  • Solid ties with the Trade, based on trust built up over years working by the side of Buyers and Vendors.